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Terrain Shift; 11/2/12 – 2/2/13

Jennifer West
Nirvana Alchemy Film, 2007
16 mm black and white film negative soaked in lithium mineral hot springs, pennyroyal tea, doused in mud, sopped in bleach, cherry anti acid and laxatives- jumping by Finn West and J West
DVD transferred from 16 mm film
2:51 TRT; no sound
Jennifer West
Nirvana Alchemy Film, 2007 (still)
Jennifer West
One Mile Film (5,280 feet of 35mm film negative and print taped to the mile-long High Line walk way in New York City for 17 hours on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 with 11,500 visitors- the visitors walked, wrote, jogged, signed, drew, touched, danced, parkoured, sanded, keyed, melted popsicles, spit, scratched, stomped, left shoe prints of all kinds and put gum on the filmstrip - it was driven on by baby stroller and trash can wheels and was traced by art students- people wrote messages on the film and drew animations, etched signs, symbols and words into the film emulsion lines drawn down much of the filmstrip by visitors and west with highlighters and markers - the walk way surfaces of concrete, train track steel, wood, metal gratins and fountain water impressed into the film; filmed images shot by Peter West-filmed Parkour performances by Thomas Dolan and Vertical imenez-running on rooftops by Deb Berman and Jwest - film taped, rolled and explained on the High Line by art students and volunteers), 2012
35mm negative and film print transferred to high-definition video
58:40 TRT; no sound